What are the Six lessons of Life.


Today I will discussing with you for just a short time, I believe you have wondered about the six lessons of Life. Yes! There are actually six or more than that lessons of Life you need to know as a human being. Without wasting much talk, let’s ride in.


Persistence with Hardship

The principal exercise of life is to acknowledge each circumstance easily and fulfillment, to be at consistently as the hour wants, and to restrict his anxiety to what he is in, and not to focus on what is covered up by the shroud of God, and accordingly an individual should stand up consistently like the helpless laborer who He acquires his solidarity from the perspiration of his brow, for everybody is poor to God, and the destiny of man from life is little, regardless of whether the notoriety is extraordinary, and the gifts flourish, similarly as there isn’t anything in this life that has the right to be scared by the spirit. Subsequently, man should be happy with what God has isolated in this transitory life and show restraint toward its inconveniences.


Self-Accounting comes next from the exercises: Thus, self-responsibility is mandatory, despite the fact that it is troublesome and coldblooded, it is superior to considering others responsible.

This is on the grounds that considering an individual responsible to himself abstains from committing errors and repeating their event, just as diminishing disarray with obliviousness and disrespect. At that point life can be perceived on the whole its implications by considering oneself responsible for its activities and conduct.

Not to Fall for other people

The third exercise of life isn’t to follow others, and not to submit to their suppositions, as this prompts mental and passionate insolvency, and it ought to be noticed that an individual isn’t a detainee of assessment or a book, rather it is important to comprehend all that is being perused, so understanding is the principle objective From perusing, to give an individual the information fundamental for his advancement throughout everyday life.

Stick/Adhere to the standards of ethical quality

Adherence to the standards of ethical quality is vital, and among the qualities ​​that should be clung to is fortitude, trustworthiness, non-haughtiness, liberality, liberality, truthfulness, and others, notwithstanding the significance of spreading the advantage to other people, regardless of whether it is with family, companions, or even in the working environment Or, through the act of different willful work.

Understanding the truth of the human world

Understanding the truth of the end of the world is quite possibly the main things important to get life. The truth of this world, as God-like depicted it, is that it is a joy of vanity, as its life is difficulty and difficulty, and the entirety of its ecstasy is a preliminary, and its ruler dies and perishes, and the existence of an individual in it is short, and the threats are extraordinary and all over.


This base on two cases: a previous instance of an old, and if another doesn’t have a clue what it is, and says God-like God in the firmly downloaded: (say little joys of this world and the Great beyond is better for the individuals who dread not violated benefit).

Do what you love, love what you do

There was a huge mosaic near my university in London that said that those words. I was grateful to walk past it almost every day and remind myself of the importance of loving your career and loving what you do. Your work is a considerably large aspect in your life that you dedicate yourself to.

If you aren’t happy in your career, that unhappiness will seep into other aspects of your life. And while nothing is perfect, it’s important to work on yourself and position yourself to reach the goals and satisfactions you desire.

Most importantly: Invest in yourself.

This goes for your non-work life, too. What habits and hobbies do you want to stop? Which ones do you want to develop? It’s important to be conscious of the type of people and activities you surround yourself with.

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Started blogging out of curiosity and now it has become a passion, my contacts below just in case you need a personal blog or a website for your business.

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