5 Best Universities in Nigeria: A Ranking of the Top Institutions

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Getting the right education is one of the best investments you can make in your future. But where should you go to get the best education and what factors should you consider? There are many different universities in Nigeria that offer an excellent education. But which are the best? You may be surprised. Read on to find out which five universities in Nigeria have been ranked as some of the best in the country, according to a global survey.

Ranking of the top universities in Nigeria

The best universities in Nigeria are determined by a number of different factors. One of them is reputational rankings from reputable universities around the world. You can also take into account ranking criteria such as study environment, quality of the professors and research departments. It’s all there in this article. You can read a more detailed report about the ranking of the best universities in Nigeria here. Survey ranking of the best universities in Nigeria Since 2007, online business school KPMG has published its “World Reputation Rankings” of the most prestigious higher education institutions in various fields around the globe. To calculate the results, KPMG uses various indicators.

Factors to consider when choosing the best university

For many Nigerians, the idea of choosing a good university to attend in Nigeria is pretty daunting. There are thousands of students hoping to get the best education possible, but where should they go? This has been a problem in Nigeria for a very long time, but recent reports have suggested that universities in Nigeria are slowly starting to improve. For example, the University of Ibadan was ranked in the 10 best universities in Africa by the recent Times Higher Education African University Rankings, and with good reason. The quality of the education and the facilities are really impressive. But if there’s a national ranking, then there’s also the problem of actually choosing a university to go to.

The 5 best universities in Nigeria

Universities were ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. This survey evaluates the on 18 key indicators of research performance. Universities Nigeria Top 5 Rankings University of Ibadan Nigeria’s premier university was the country’s most ranked university, and it ranks number one on the country’s overall ranking. It has won multiple global awards, including the Times Higher Education Global University Rankings in the 2018 list. It was also ranked as the leading African university in the QS World University Rankings in 2017. Universities Nigeria Top 5 Rankings Lagos State University, Lagos The Lagos State University is ranked 36th in the world.


Using the good educational statistics for Nigeria, I have ranked the top five universities in Nigeria. You can read the whole article on the website for Learning Images. If you are a prospective student, or just curious about the top universities in Nigeria, please consider purchasing a learning image as a keepsake. The top 5 universities in Nigeria: These universities were ranked on several criteria including student experience, affordability, and education quality, among others. I hope you enjoy the top universities in Nigeria, and if you ever find yourself in Nigeria, I’d love to see you at one of these schools. They are simply the best in the country.


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