J Smash Speaks On His Journey To Dropping ‘The Rise Of A King’


J Smash Speaks On His Journey To Dropping ‘The Rise Of A King’! J Smash is probably one of the biggest Hip Hop producers his age and has been making major moves in the industry.

Although he has not been in the game for a long time, the producer already has a rather enviable catalogue having featured some of the biggest and most promising artists in South Africa. Check out what J Smash had to say about his career journey and  “The Rise Of A King” EP below.

What has been the journey been like since making “Show Up” to releasing “Rise Of A King”?

Its been challenging with its ups and time as I had to balance the mini-fame I had with my personal life & school. A task hard enough for older folks, imagine a young man like me.

What impact did “Show Up” featuring A-Reece, Zoocci Coke Dope and Flame have on your career?

It put me on the radar of the people I wanted to work with.

How did you go about picking the artists you featured on the EP?

It has to be the feel of the song and how I picture them fitting into it. I never force features.

How long did it take you to work on your this project?

It took me 2 years.

From a producers perspective, what are the pros and cons of working on a body of work?

Cons : you can get cheated on things like royaties if you are unaware of how things work.
Pros : You learn to be versatile and open minded towards music as a whole. Experiment on difference sounds.

What are the top five Hip Hop records of all time in your opinion?

a) AKA – Composure
b ) Kwesta ft Cassper Nyovest – Ngud’
c) Emtee – Roll Up
d) Nasty C – Juice Back
e) Cassper Nvovest – Doc Shebeleza

What advice can you give to upcoming artists hoping to enter the industry?

Stay true to yourself & be patient.

Give me your top 5 venues to perform at in South Africa

Back To The City , Ultra, Rocking The Daisies, DSTV iRock & Spring Fiesta-Fest

Which one is your favorite song from “The Rise Of A King”?

I love all my children

What’s the next step for J Smash after dropping this EP?

See where the EP takes me and god willing work on my next project

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