Khuli Chana Speaks On How He Started Making Double His Booking Fee

Khuli Chana Speaks On How He Started Making Double His Booking Fee! Khuli Chana has had a rather rocky career when it comes to the business side of music but has gotten through it all.

A few years ago, the rapper was involved in an accident which he claims tarnished his image to a point were record labels did not want to sign him. His deal with Absolut Vodka was his hail Marry which took his brand to even greater heights and different spaces.

He recently had an interview with The Plug Magazine where he opened up about how the deal benefited him in different ways. “The stuff I was doing with Absolut really moved me into interesting spaces,” starts the rapper.

“From winning that gold Cannes award and a couple Silvers and Loeries and Bookmarks and then, you know, did some more traveling, did a lot of speaking,” said Khuli Chana speaking on some of the things he has achieved after collaborating with the alcohol company.

He then went on to say “All of a sudden I was a speaker. I was making double what I make while performing so you know the scale had tipped a bit. But it was interesting because it introduced me to another world of creatives”.

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