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Nigerian Singer, Pekeys Offers Motivation On New Afrocraft Single, “Record” – BLACK&GIFTED


Lagos, Nigeria singer, and songwriter, Pekeys releases a new Afrocraft single titled “Record,” motivating and reminding listeners to be self-aware.

Music heals, entertains, and has the power to impart change. That is what Lagos, Nigeria singer, and songwriter, Pekeys (Peremobowei Pimeh) has to offer through his sound, Afrocraft—a self-proclaimed genre and enticing blend of Afrobeats, R&B, Reggae, and Highlife soundscapes that pair well with his dynamic storytelling. Pekeys’ music encompasses his lived experiences—personal growth, relationships, social issues, and the highs and lows of everyday life.

Coming off the release of two 2020 singles, Yo CoCo and Stop Shebe, Pekeys shifts gears to a more mature sound that infuses social commentary, embodying a more serious tone. Record is a depiction of how various lifestyles coexist, leaving the listener to dictate their own future. One must decide whether they will succumb to the vices and temptation of their environment or step into the awareness of one’s own journey to fulfill their heart’s desire. Lyrics like “As we dey like this / Everybody with them own record” and “If you no like yourself / Good no go follow you” are reminders that everyone has a unique journey to experience in this lifetime and to fully align with one’s purpose, self-awareness and self-love are vital.

Pekeys shares, “Record is me manifesting my dream in the music world after all the trials and tribulations—wishing myself good with my music and learning to love every moment I spend on my craft. Also, giving knowledge to those in the same shoes. Never give up.”

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