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Paul Bettany Leads Harvest Moon Cast | Movie

Paul Bettany will appear in the comedy drama “Harvest Moon”.

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The 50-year-old actor wrote the script for the movie with Dana Brown. This script is produced by Miramax, directed by Mark Waters.

Paul will star in Flick with Carmen Ejogo, Candice Bergen, Cary Elwes, Riley Rock, Maria Baker, Stads Nea, Rodney Richardson and Connor Folk.

The film tells the story of a boy who saw a chance to reunite his separated parents when the world was closed by a pandemic. Paul, Dana and Mark are produced with Miramax bosses Bill Block and Jessica Tasinksee.

Bettany said in a statement: “I’m excited to team up with Bill Block and Miramax again to make’Harvest Moon’.

“The fact that it was put together very quickly is very satisfying and cheerful. Dana and I wrote it to keep ourselves sane during the blockade, and now I We set out to shoot with an incredible creative team led by Mark Waters. It’s all a little dreamy. I’m very excited. “

The block added: “This heartwarming film rethinks complex yet comical family relationships under the unique challenges presented by the pandemic.

“I’m excited to be able to work again at the Miramax family, where Paul, who bought the magic for Uncle Frank, and the mark of his latest, He’s All That, a modern twist on 90’s classics, have climbed. Netflix is ​​the number one spot in multiple countries. “

Paul starred as Frank Bledsoe, famous for Alan Ball’s road movie Uncle Frank, and revealed that he likes to duplicate screen icon styles such as Robert Redford in 1970s set flicks.

The “Iron Man” star said: Wear a brown corduroy suit.

“Unless the next guy is Alan Ball, I’ve seen Robert Redford as much as the next guy. It was really fun to dress him up and style him and everything.”

Paul Bettany Leads Harvest Moon Cast | Movie

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