The Top 3 Biggest Town In Ebonyi State 2021

Ebonyi State Known as the “Salt of the Nation” in light of its enormous salt stores. Ebonyi State is one of the 36 states in Nigeria. It was made in 1996, making it probably the most youthful state in Nigeria.

The State imparts a boundary to Benue State toward the North, Enugu State toward the west, Imo and Abia States toward the south and Cross Stream State toward the east.

The Top 3 biggest town in Ebonyi State is;




Abakaliki is the capital city of the present-day Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria. The occupants are principally individuals from the Igbo country. It was the base camp of the Ogoja area before the making of the Southeastern State in 1967.

The name Abakaliki initially signifies ‘Aba Nkaleke’ and is the name of a local area in Izzi land (Nkaleke)

Abakaliki was a significant community for the slave exchange the seventeenth century. The slave exchange proceeded with the region with Aro raids into Abakaliki and encompassing zones through the eighteenth century.

The Odozi Obodo Society was a mystery religion that worked somewhere in the range of 1954 and 1958 in Abakaliki.

Abakaliki, as before, is a focal point of horticultural exchange including such items as yams, cassava, rice, and both palm oil and palm pieces. It is additionally known for its local lead, zinc, salt, and limestone mining or quarrying.


The Afikpo town known as Ehugbo is arranged in the southern piece of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. It is limited toward the north by the town of Akpoha in Amoha Nearby Government Territory, toward the south by Unwana and Edda in Ubeyi and Afikpo South Neighborhood Government Zones separately, toward the East by the Cross Stream and toward the West by Amasiri in Amaoha Neighborhood Government Region. Its territory is roughly 164 square kilometers in size.

The zone (Ehugbo) was first occupied by two gatherings known as Egu and Nkalu, before the presence of what we have now as Afikpo town.

Despite the oral custom has it that the Egus were the first to get comfortable Ehugbo, trailed by the Nkalu.  In the way, it is presently realized that the Egu lived in Afikpo for an exceptionally quite a while past.

It has a territory of 240km2 and a populace of 156,611 at the 2006 registration. Its postal code is 490. The significant language is a more limited type of the Igbo language known as the ‘Ehugbo Language’.

It has a rich Igbo conventional legacy and culture and has celebrations like the ‘New Sweet potato Celebration’ that hold toward the month’s end of August consistently. Which denotes the start of another Customary Year.


Ikwo is one of the biggest Nearby Government Territory in Ebonyi State. It is arranged on the eastern piece of Ebonyi State. It has a land mass of around 500 kilometers and offers a boundary with Abakaliki and Ezza Nearby Government Zones.

The individuals of Ikwo are accepted to be the relatives of Noyo. They share basic convictions, customs and conventions with the individuals of Abakaliki.

The Ikwo people observe Igbo culture from various perspectives. Conventional kola nut introduction is utilized to invite visitors and is needed during some customary rituals and services. The Aji and Nefioha celebrations are among the mainstream social services in Ikwo.

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